Pool closed temporarily 
Please note that Camp Jonathan is under offer for sale. Therefore the managing couple had to relocate in the meantime and only manage Camp Jonathan on a part time basis. The pool needs full time daily care from a skilled person during the summer months. The pool was built in the 1960s in a square shape that modern automatic pool cleaners cannot clean without getting stuck in one of the 5 corners. While the filtration pumps are running the cleaner needs to be checked every 20 minutes in order to keep the pool clean. With the skeleton staff maintaining the site there is no one there all week nor skilled to keep the pool ready for occasional weekend use. For reasons of mosquito control and health it was decided to drain the pool until the new owners decide how to proceed. It is not feasible to fill the pool for one weekend wasting 75000 litres of precious borehole water when our tank reserves at maximum is only 30000 litres for essential use. Management apologise for the inconvenience. 

New Unit 7 (Ibis)





Large dining hall, modern, well equipped kitchen and experienced staff. 
Our curries, fish and chips, beef stew, baked potatoes, malva pudding 
and many more are legendary.

Below: Units 1,2,& 3 Bushbuck, Oribi and Duiker

A common room and communal bathrooms in each unit, one for ladies and one for gents. 
Each bathroom has 2 toilets, 2 showers with hot water.
There is a basin in every room. Beds vary between 2, 3 or 4 per room. 

See map (downloadable at bottom of this page) of buildings for details of beds in which room.




Description of facilities

All of Camp Jonathan is on one level with no stairways and well lit at night.

We have attempted to be wheelchair friendly as far as possible.

An electric fence and remote controlled gate keeps the facility very secure.

Camp Jonathan, with the neighbouring farms are protected by a farm watch 
and uses a reputable contracted security company.
Security personnel discreetly patrol the area and provides fast armed response.
Camp Jonathan is in constant radio contact with the farm watch and security company.

Camp Jonathan remains alert, but is a safe facility and crime is of little concern at our premises.

We regret that our cellphone coverage is limited to GPRS and sometimes EDGE 
and therefore voice and data coverage is not what one might be used to in the city.

Large meeting hall
 (Hornbill hall)
The hall is equipped with a fire place (if it is cold we supply a tray of wood, further trays are R20 each), 
pool table, table tennis, TV, DVD player and projector screen.
Groups supply their own sound systems, multimedia projector, flip chart paper, pens, extension cables,
double adapters etc. Management cannot provide any such items if not brought along.

Smaller meeting hall (Heron Hall)
Equipped with TV and DVD player.

Lourie lounge
There is a fire place, TV, DVD player and access to a satellite dish

Large dining hall
Seats 70. All cutlery and crockery are provided.

Units 1,2,3 each sleep 22 in eight rooms with shared ladies and gents showers. 2 Showers and toilets in each bathroom.

Unit 4 (Sunbird) has 7 rooms, 2 beds per room. Each room has it's own shower and toilet.

Unit 6 (Fish Eagle) has 4 family size rooms, 5 beds each with a shower/toilet in each room.

Unit 7 (Ibis) sleeps 6

Temporarily closed: Swimming pool (max depth 1,25m, fully fenced, during June to September water temperature drops down to approximately 10 degrees not suitable for comfortable swimming or baptisms)

Sports field (Please bring your own balls, bats and sport equipment, Camp Jonathan provide 4 large traffic cones as goal posts)

Large lawns and well kept gardens

Kiddies play area with see-saw, swings, jungle gym and trampoline

Obstacle course with 7 exercises (It is best to design your own team building games around this facility rather than simply 'racing' teams through the course)

Volley ball court

Mfundisi, this is a reserved self catering pastor's retreat flatlet. It is suitable for retreating pastors/ministers or for pastors with their family to have a rest.

Preferably bring your own balls and other sporting equipment that you may require.

Please note that due to damage caused, no furniture or appliances may be moved from one room to another.

This outline map and others can be downloaded below as PDF documents

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