Please phone for a quotation. 

Deposit to secure booking R2500 and proof of payment


Why we would love to, but cannot afford to give discounts.

We try our best to keep our tariffs at an absolute minimum.

Camp Jonathan is not a privately owned business but an extension of the work of the Presbyterian Church. 

Therefore our main concern is not to generate profit but merely to try and cover our expenses 

and to maintain the whole site in a good condition. 

Current tariffs do not fully cover our expenses and we are not subsidised in any way.

We regret that generally we cannot consider group discounts for groups of less than 100 in number.

Under special circumstances we may at our discretion consider group discounts for youth or children's groups.

When we host groups of less than 25  Camp Jonathan runs at a loss

If we host groups for one night only on a weekend we run at a loss.

Attention group leaders/organizers!

  • Please note that a levy is payable on all cash payments over R2000

                                    Over R2000 cash a R300 levy

                                    Over R10000 cash a R500 levy

  • Please do not be responsible for increased staff costs 

                by causing staff to work overtime by being late for meals 

                or leaving the site later than 15:00 on the day of departure.

  • Please remove cardboard boxes, plastic bottles etc. that you have brought to Camp Jonathan when you leave.

Banking Details: Camp Jonathan Conference Centre

NEDBANK Hayfields

Account Number: 134 054 3435

Branch Code: 134 025

Please email proof of payment to: campjonathancc@gmail.com

Just to give you an idea of what it costs to maintain Camp Jonathan.


  • It costs on average a staggering R100 000 per month to run Camp Jonathan.

  • We maintain 2 and a half tons of LPG in 53 gas cylinders with about R1000 of gas in each = R53000 in total.


  • Monthly gas bill varies between R4000 and R8000.


  • Electricity about R6000 to R8000 per month.


  • We buy about R10000 of meat per month.


  • Cleaning chemicals about R2000 and 1000 rolls of toilet paper per month.


  • We have 4 pumps moving at least 25000 litres of water each per week. 

  • Pumps consume much electricity .  It costs 80 cents in electricity for every minute a tap runs water.


  • Mowing lawns use about 50 litres of petrol per month in summer.


  • We have to transport all your non biodegradable refuse to a municipal dump site 25km away and pay to dump it.


  • Then there are staff, fuel, maintenance, security, taxes and many more expenses every month.

Camp Jonathan,
2 Jun 2015, 02:44