The region and climate

Camp Jonathan is nestled midway in between the districts of Richmond, Eston and Mid Illovo.

It is just near enough to the eThekwini metropole and Pietermaritzburg 
and yet far enough from shops, the beach and other distractions 
when on a spiritual retreat.

For the more adventurous if free time allows, the area boasts some beautiful scenery 
and historically significant sites. The Richmond museum just up the road from the police station
in Richmond is a worthwhile visit. Byrne valley, the tractor museum, Hela Hela, Ntibankulu, 
Mt. Langford, Mt Pleasant, Nungwane waterfall, Kwa Humbe and Tala Valley are all nearby attractions.

When heavy snow falls on the Drakensberg range snow may be seen as close as 20 to 30km from Camp Jonathan.

The area falls in the mist belt and often a thick mist covers the area during the evening and early morning.

The region is the catchment area for the Umkomaas, Illovo and Umlaas rivers which flow through the region, 
the Illovo being only a few kilometers away from Camp Jonathan.

The area is rich in birds, reptiles, frogs, insects and arachnids, a stunning selection may at times be observed at Camp Jonathan.

At night the stars are magnificent to see. The keen stargazer can spot not only various constellations and planets 
but also distant galaxies, meteorites and satellites orbiting the earth.

Summers are hot but not humid.

Winter days are normally very pleasant unless it is raining or the chilled east wind is blowing.
Winter nights can get quite cold with occasional frost.

Camp Jonathan generally experiences pleasant weather all year round 
but the very best months in terms of the weather at Camp Jonathan is 
April and May. 
October, November and December is the rainy season with November being quite wet with the odd hale storm included.

Our high season for Camps irrespective of weather is February, March, April, August, September and October.